Seminar: New Challenges in Monetary Policy and Finance (272052)

Seminar: New Challenges in Monetary Policy and Finance (272052)

Seminar Description

General Characteristics
TitleSeminar New Challenges in Monetary Policy and Finance
Reference number272052 (PO 2017)
Semester WiSe 2022/2023
When is it offeredWiSe only
General topic Monetary Policy
Target group

BSc WiWi PO 2017

Amount of places 20
Event place internal seminar
Practice partner Bundesbank Hauptverwaltung in Bremen, Niedersachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt, Georgsplatz 5, 30159 Hannover
Event cycleBlock Event
When do you have to write the paperduring the semester
Requirements and Support
Goal setting Scientific work, deepening knowledge of the current challenges in monetary and financial policy
Required prior knowledge Previous courses in “Makroökonomik” and “Geld, Währung und Finanzmärkte” and “Geldpolitik” are recommended
Supporting course for the introduction to scientific work Online materials
Formal requirementsTo be determined within the framework of the information on scientific work at the beginning of the course
General literature Basic literature on the individual topics will be announced in the introductory event
Starting literature availableYes
Methodology Literature work, possibly simple statistical analyzes
Special software used No
Recommended word processing software LATEX or MS Word
Word scope of the term paper12
Outline meetings Min. 1, max. 3
Performance requirements / evaluation including weighting Compulsory attendance, verbal participation in discussions [5%], presentation [25%], seminar paper (individual work) [70%]
ExaminerProf. Dr. Lena Dräger
Contact Person Sebastian Eiblmeier
Group Work and Choice of Topics
Work in groups Possible if a topic is selected twice
Group sizeMax. 2
Procedure for the composition of the groups Preference based

1. Monetary policy and financial stability

2. The consequences of persistently low nominal interest rates

3. The undesired and/or unexpected effects from Quantitative Easing

4. The limits of forward guidance as a monetary policy instrument

5. Monetary policy in the Digital Age

6. Monetary policy and climate change

7. Monetary policy reaction to the COVID-19 crisis in Europe

8. Monetary policy reaction to the COVID-19 crisis in the US

9. Fiscal policy reaction to the COVID-19 crisis in Europe

10. Fiscal policy reaction to the COVID-19 crisis in the US


Procedure for assigning topics Preference-based, if necessary lottery procedure
Type of pre-registration Web form (will be here activated on October 10th, 2022)
Pre-Registration 10.10.22-14.10.22 via the web form
Introductory event Scheduled for Friday, 21.10.22, from 9:15-10:45 am. Room to be announced
Topic assignment During the introductory event
Binding registration During the introductory event
Start of processing seminar paper With the binding registration on the date of the introductory event
Submission of seminar paper Monday, January 13th, 2023 until 12 noon, by email to Sebastian Eiblmeier (eiblmeier@gif.uni-hannover.de)
Submission of presentation Two days before the presentation by email
Presentation event Friday, December 2rd 2022, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., room to be announced