Seminar Money and International Finance (272027)

Seminar Money and International Finance (272027)


  • Summer Term
    General Characteristics
    TitleSeminar Money and International Finance
    Reference number 272027
    Semester Summer Term 2021
    When is it offered Summer
    General topic Monetary policy regimes
    Target group

    BSc WiWi PO 2017: Skill area VWL

    Amount of places 20
    LanguageGerman or English (Literature in English, seminar paper and presentations can be in English or German)
    Event place internal seminar
    Practice partnerNo
    Event cycleBlock Event
    When do you have to write the paperduring the semester
    Requirements and Support
    Objective Academic working, deepening of your knowledge about monetary policy and exchange rate regimes
    Previous knowledgePrevious courses in Macroeconomics and Money, Currency and Financial Markets is recommended
    Supportive courses regarding the academic working style

    Online materials

    Formal requirements See here the material from the course "Introduction to Scientific Work" at the GIF, summarised in the Leitfaden zur Erstellung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten and the Guide Harvard Style of Referencing
    General literature Starting literature will be provided in the kick-off meeting
    Starting literature availableYes
    MethodsLiterature work, possibly easy statistical analysis
    Used softwareNone
    Recommended word processing software LATEX or MS Word
    Word scope of the term paper12
    Meeting to discuss your papers structure Min. 1, max. 3
    Grade weightsParticipation is required, participation in discussion [5%], presentation [25%], seminar paper (individually) [70%]
    ExaminerProf. Dr. Lena Dräger
    Persons in chargeProf. Dr. Lena Dräger, M.Sc. Ami Dalloul
    Group Work and Choice of Topics
    Group Work for the presentations, if several students work on the same topic
    Students per group1-2
    How are groups allocated Preferences

    1. Can monetary policy steering be described by a Taylor rule (example: Eurozone/USA)

    2. Inflation control as a monetary policy rule

    3. The role of the USA in the Bretton Woods System

    4. Currency boards as a monetary policy system (example Estonia/Hong Kong/Argentina)

    5. Optimal currency areas (example of the Euro area or Southeast Asia)

    6. The system of fixed exchange rates in China

    How are topics allocated Preferences, possibly lottery
    Pre-RegistrationWebformular (will be activated)
    Pre-Registration05.04.2021-11.04.2021 via Webformular
    Kick-Off Meeting

    April 16th, 2021, 09.15 am till 10.45 am.

    Participation is mandatory!

    Choice of topics During the kick-off meeting
    Binding registrationDuring the kick-off meeting
    Starting pointDay of kick-off meeting
    Paper due 25.06.2021, until 12 pm, via E-Mail to sekretariat@gif.uni-hannover.de
    Presentations dueTwo days prior to presentation day via E-Mail
    Presentation day June 04th, 2021, 9.00 am till 17.00 pm (online)