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Vorlesungen / Lectures

  • Household Finance
  • Financial Systems
  • eFinance
  • Geld und Währung (Money and Finance)
  • Geld und internationale Finanzen II (Money and international Finance II)


Informationen zum aktuellen Lehrangebot des Instituts für Geld und internationale Finanzwirtschaft finden Sie hier.

Seminare / seminars

  • Investitionsentscheidungen auf Kapitalmärkten
  • Finanzentscheidungen privater Haushalte
  • Geld, Währung und Finanzrmärkte
  • FinTech, Blockchains and FInancial Markets


  • Asset Management
  • Seminar on quantitative finance
  • Master Theses (selected topics)

    • Investment Biases and Job Choice
    • Value of Social Trading
    • Rolling Disposition Effect
    • Effect of Monetary Policy on Risk and Uncertainty
    • The Effect of Monetary Policy on Corporate Borrowing in Bank- and Market-based Financial Systems
    • Does Twitter make markets more volatile?
    • Active Share vs. ex-ante efficiency: Two sides of the same medal?
    • The Value of Currency Hedging

Executive Education


Part-time master of Finance (Goethe Business School, Frankfurt am Main)

  • Household Finance („Outstanding teacher award 2015“)


Regularly taught executive classes

  •  Accenture Banking Boot Camp, Executive Education, Goethe Business School

    • Bank-Management and bank controlling
    • Value-based Management
    • Products and Services: Personal Finance

  • Dimensional Fund Advisors

    • Missbräuchliche Nutzung von ETFs


Other executive classes

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Versicherungs- und Finanzmathematik e.V. (DGVFM), Universität Hannover

    • Private old-age provision between normative expectations and empirical reality