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Dr. Carmen Kislat - Research

Research Areas:

Development Finance


Kislat, C. and L. Menkhoff “The Village Fund Loan: Who Gets It, Keeps It and Loses It?” Vulnerability to Poverty: Theory, Measurement and Determinants with Case Studies from Thailand and Vietnam. Ed. S. Klasen & H. Waibel. London, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. 283-304.  

Working Papers

Kislat, C. “Why are Informal Loans still a Big Deal? Evidence from Northeast Thailand.” 2013. Mimeo.

Kislat, C., L. Menkhoff und D. Neuberger “The Use of Collateral in Formal and Informal Lending.” 2013. Mimeo.

Kislat, C., Menkhoff, L. The Village Fund Loan: Who gets it, keeps it and loses it? 2011.